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Plastic. There is so so much of it. It envelops pretty much everything that we buy. It keeps our food free of contamination. It holds the bristles of our toothbrush. It cases our razors. It is on our keyboards of our computers, composite material of most of our phones. It wraps our crackers. It houses our cheese... it is everywhere.

Look guys - you don't have to burn incense or walk around barefoot - but being eco-aware is cool!

So I was cruising on Facebook the other day - as you do - killing some time while my coffee magically appeared, and I stumbled across this:

You know what? I am a beginner at this stuff, but I always thought that our wee family of 3 and that small bag of trash every week was doing ok. I mean - we recycle everything we can, compost blah blah blah. But we do not do as much as this lady! There are lots of products out there for people that want to change their habits with purchasing and support brands that produce recycled/ reusable/ compostable items. I spent a good couple of hours scouring the 'net for them...  just for you guys! You're welcome.

Ethique - not only one of the best marketing coup of the year, but Ethique also has a great range of plastic bottle free solid products for hair, for your body, face - even a great fake tan! And if you don't trust online purchases, they are now stocked in selected Farmers stores.

Ecodeals is a great site for pretty much everything. Reusable bags for the veges and wax food wrap are our favourites.

Ecore has you covered for your makeup remover pads and cool bamboo toothbrushes. Speaking of toothbrushes, if you want something a little cooler, these ones with bright coloured bristles are the way to go!

While we are at it, let's look at some of the consumables that we don't even really think too much about such as straws and ecoplanet washing powder comes only inside the cardboard box (not even in plastic inside the box - amazing). Here is another great one - compostable rubbish liners for your kitchen (I have them - they are great).

Bulk bins are totally the way to go now, and this trendy wholefood alternative store in Ponsonby Auckland looks amazing! You can take your own bag/ jar/ container in and use that too. Pretty nifty. They have paper bags too - just in case.

And here is the big one for OKI - our courier bags. So, if you live in Auckland down to Hamilton, you will receive your package in heavy brown kraft paper. I have not had any complaints about this yet so it appears to be a good material. But the kicker is that everywhere else in NZ has theirs delivered in plastic courier bags. Insert bright red face here. I am not happy about it at all. What happens, you see, is that it gets much more expensive to courier something in your own packaging - which I fail to understand. However, it is the first thing that I want to tackle so when I get a little bigger I am going to invest in Biobags

I guess the best thing is to do as much as you can as a family or individual to try and curb our relentless reliance on plastic and pretend like it's 1950 (but with iPhones) and prepare to shop with your own bags! Baby steps. But if we all do a little bit, it will become a lot, and we can make a positive difference. 

Well that's my piece done!


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