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The fast fashion dilemma...

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Here it is - it's my post about 'the true cost'. This will lead somewhere, I promise...

This is not my soap box. I am just as bad as everyone else at this. I am glamoured by the 'cheap and cheerful'. I like new things. New things make me feel special and new myself. But it's not real. It's not a tangible fix on the what is wrong. Retail is not therapy.

Just saying that makes me feel as if I have sworn! I apologise.

Let's just call me 'the awkward environmentalist'; someone who is gradually becoming aware of their impact on the world around them.

Step one: awareness.  Ok - got that.

Step two: recycle all your soft plastics.  Yep - done that too.

Step three: don't buy fun fast fashion anymore. And this is where I get stuck.

How can I separate myself from a part of what I have been for so long, and not go back? I am like an addict. That's actually probably pretty true. I am an addict. Well, I am a recovering addict.

Every week I would pop out to my favourite cheapie stores and grab some viscose or polyester fashion wonder-piece-of-the-day. You know, it's the kind of thing that you wear once, wash and then regret ever seeing. But you get a compliment on it - how you 'put it together', and yes for that moment you feel good. But it's so fleeting.

So now I research companies. I have a long list of ones that I do not visit (even though I am chomping to get in there and have to deny myself), and a short list of ones that I will visit. I save for those purchases. I need them now, rather than want them.

Blah blah blah - has anyone actually read to this point?

Back to the awkward (I warned you I was going there). I admit - my daughter plays with barbie dolls (see?  I don't lie!). Pretty much the most evil of all gender polarising, misogynistic, inappropriate doll you can buy. So I am not perfect. But I also buy bamboo toothbrushes and I buy less cheap clothing.

With consumerism it's about starting small. Research the brand. Does it speak something about how you feel about the world? Can you wear with pride the choice you have made with your purchase? 

You have the power.

Think need over want...




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