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The Crazy Kids and Organics

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Imagine this: it is the hottest day Auckland has had since the beginning of February. We are shooting for OKI in a hall - with windows that only open along one side of the wall. With one tiny fan circulating air to within 20cm's of its location.

And for the most part, the kids are wearing all long-sleeved clothing.

OKI organic kids longsleeve tee

I have worked in fashion for a very long time now and as such, shooting product out of season is the norm. However I do believe that this is the most extreme weather for opposites that I have ever shot in.

I had sweat dripping in places that it just shouldn't go.

Organic Cotton Girls Dresses OKI

The soft glow on the kids skin that you see in the amazing shots by Rachael Brown, is not from illuminating powder or carefully applied lighting. Nope. It is a wee glow in the over 30 degree heat. Soft, dewy, youthful skin (subtly overheating inside) is actually carefully disguised by an incredible collection of kids doing what they are told! Being kids! Not complaining - just getting the job done.

Everyday Organic Kids Fashion OKI

Hats off to you guys - amazing.

We tried to pepper the need to 'capture the garments' with keeping the kids having fun so they would forget about how they felt. There was a little bit of frantic "take your layers off!" in the in-between-shots. In essence, I think we have captured a good mix of product that could be any season!

Organic Cotton Dress Fashion OKI

And phew...

I thought I would tell you about some of the prep work that goes behind the shoots. A lot of people won't know - so here goes.

I bought socks, food, extra bits of clothing (for colour balance) and woolly hats and scarves. You will see I only used one hat - and none of the scarves. It was too hot! You see in fashion, sometimes there are no hard and fast rules. the best laid plans can be overturned in a second. So thankfully the pompom I had made the morning of the shoot was used - just not my delicious marigold scarf.

Ethical Kids Fashion Sweat Pants Black OKI

Some kids were photographed without shoes on. Ooops.

When they were dressed, Rachael photographed all the kids in an hour and a half! To all reading this far - it normally takes half an hour per shot to get them right. I had 16 shots to get. She is a machine!

And the kiddies - such ENERGY! Whoa....  makes me tired still just thinking about it.

I have to say a big thank you to the parents for getting to me on time and in good spirits.

Massive thank you to Rachael for blowing the shoot out of the water and turning my images around with such speed. My head actually did fall off a little bit.

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