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It is with a heavy heart that OKI for All is coming to a close. Same amazing organic cotton super comfy super cool product, but much cheaper prices. I'd like to say that at this stage, all prices are now below cost price... which is astounding considering the price of clothing these days. Kids garments, just so you know, cost about the same to produce as adult clothing. For example for the OKI product, the short sleeved basic tees in the range with a prince on them cost me $12 each NZ, and the plain unprinted ones, $9. 

I am not displaying the original retail prices as the previous discounted prices have been in place longer than 6 week establishment period so therefore, according to the Fair Trading Act, I am re-establishing my retails based on the sale prices. 

It has been a trip. It has been incredible and I was lucky enough to be able to do it - not many people can say they could. In the end, the covid pandemic has put a stop to all the small mechanisms of selling that my little brand had and has, ironically, become unsustainable! 

Having said all that, I'd love to offer you all as much love and care as always within the OKI umbrella. Please share this far and wide - organic clothing is so much better for our kids and often unaffordable so here is your chance! Get into it... 

Here it is - everything in its organic ethical amazingness. Mix and match. Be creative. Designed in New Zealand and using only the best quality 100% organic cotton.

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