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We truly believe that paying someone a fair amount of money for the work they do is the only way to operate in any business. For years, the fashion industry has been flouting this concept by moving factories to cheaper and cheaper labour areas. In the end, the 'design house' or 'retailer' loses control of their supply chain and they will be unable to divulge just who made their garments.

The people who deserve to be paid are everyone in the chain, the growers, knitters, cutters, makers (you get the point). Everyone.

It is also about transparent supply chain - and being able to trace our tee-shirts right back to the place where the cotton was grown. Our cotton for OKI is grown organically, sensibly and sold at a stable fair price. Your purchase of any of our OKI products will make its way right back through the chain - benefiting the farmers and not just the retailers. Read more about the advantage of Fairtrade Cotton here.

At OKI we believe that transparency and fair wages, or a living wage which is above the government standard minimum wage, is the way of the future. We may not be certified, but our factory is!

Our garment factory, Mila Fair Trade Clothing, believes in the same stuff we do.


Again, for years the fashion industry has been polluting the environment - using man-made fibres in place of natural fibres, forcing farmers to produce cotton that is not only bad for the earth, but also for the farmers themselves - all for the sake of faster production? We want our OKI kids to have an earth to look after, not a mess to clean up - so we decided to go organic. It was the only choice to make.

If you would like to read some more about other fabrics - go here and read this great article explaining about some of the processes and chemicals used in the garments we wear everyday.


Well the simple fact is that in order to make a tee-shirt that is made in fair working and wage paying conditions, in super soft organic cotton, and in lower quantities - they cost what we charge. We have a re-investment policy with all funds gained through the sale of our products which means that our margins are lower than all other retailers. You won't find us "piling them high to watch them fly".


In a nutshell, it is anti fast fashion.  It doesn't believe that you should only wear that tee-shirt twice and throw it out 'cause it only cost you $8. It is promoting an awareness that if you think about what you spend you money on and with which retailer, you will buy less but buy better quality. 


Sometimes when cotton is knitted up, one side of the fabric will be slightly tighter than the other. This is more prevalent with lighter weight cotton knits due to, and there is no simple way to put this, the finer the yarn the more spirality due to twisting of the individual yarns while knitted. The heavier the weight of the cotton, the less spirality or twisting.

For this reason, we prefer to handwash our cotton garments as it lessens the effects of spirality or twisting on lighter weight garments.


Our courier days are Monday and Thursday for now - if you purchase after 9am on the 'courier day' your purchase will be sent on the following courier day. We will increase these as we get some steam up! The purchase will take 3-5 business days to be received depending on where in NZ you are located. We track our parcels - so you can always check online as to when you should expect them. If you have any issues - please just shoot us an email!


Currently we only ship to New Zealand and Australia. Our best priced service to Australia is Airpost but this is not tracked.

If you live in some other amazing country and would like some OKI goodness, hit us up with an email and we will see what we can arrange.

Give us a couple of hours and we can arrange a quote for shipment to where-ever you are!

Have any other questions?  Hit us up below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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